I know this isn’t about Windsor directly, but indirectly, it applies to us here. You see, one of the things we’re lacking, and this is part of the reason the city only received a bronze designation from the Bicycle Friendly Communities program, is a dedicated cycling coordinator.

Don’t get me wrong, there are dedicated staff that deal with cycling issues in Windsor on a daily basis. However, the manager of the transportation department has told me personally that if the city were to hire a cycling coordinator, they would have plenty of work to give them.

So, one of my requests of council during this ever-enlightening time of budget deliberations is the hiring of a cycling coordinator. Chicago has Ben Gomberg, Portland has Roger Geller, Hamilton has Daryl Bender, and heck, even Calgary is hiring one.

If Windsor were to hire a cycling coordinator, imagine what they’d be able to accomplish! They could perform collision analysis, update and report on the city’s Bicycling Use Master Plan, organize a Bike Share program along the riverfront, promote the city’s Bicycle Friendly Workplace Awards, finally update and maintain the cyclewindsor.ca website, act as a liaison between other cities, Windsor’s BIAs, cycling groups, councillors and the Windsor Bicycling Committee, as well as perform regular evaluations on our current cycling facilities and programs.

All of these duties are currently being performed by various staff, within a corporation that, in my experience, could use some work on communicating. A cycling coordinator could effectively wrangle our efforts to become an even more bicycle-friendly community.